Paul Kainen's Page on Industrial Mathematics and BioPhotonics

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Industrial math helps you and your organization prepare for new challenges while operating better, faster,
and at lower cost. My consulting areas include device-related calculations and visualization, as well as:

Computation, analytics, and modeling related to lasers, LEDs, and photonics in biology and medicine.

I provide strategic advice on the management of technology, especially the use of light in diagnosis,
healing, and surgical procedures.

Here is my resume .

I attended the 2015 Incubator at the Optical Society of America on photobiomodulation (PBM). PBM includes infrared therapies for diabetic neuropathy, traumatic brain injury, and cancer treatment side-effects. Here is a critique of the PBM-incubator in which I describe a different strategic perspective. I also have a page on the use of PBM in preventing the occurence and diminishing the pain of Oral Mucositis, a frequent and severe side-effect of cancer treatments with chemicals and radiation.

Here is a technology deployment problem which I solved while at the Long Range Facilities Capacity Planning Center of Bell Telephone Laboratories regarding statistical multiplexing devices. My plan utilized heuristic topological ideas to design a nationwide deployment for these state-of-the-art information-compression machines. The plan achieved order-of-magnitude improvement in AT&T's return-on-investment.

My editorial has appeared in the November 2016 issue of BioPhotonics Magazine. My "Biopinion" suggests the use of large prizes to better organize the development of photonic devices for clinical applications.

Some of my mathematical research accomplishments are discussed on the Wikipedia page about me. The notions of book and geometric thickness of graphs occurred to me in trying to solve electrical layout problems (printed circuit boards and VLSI chips). These concepts have also been used to model traffic flow and the folding of RNA.

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